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Are you looking for a couples counsellor in Bolton and Salford?

My name is Paul Smith, I am a fully qualified, supportive and professional relationship counsellor. I offer couples counselling from my offices in Farnworth, Bolton and in Walkden, Worsley.

As we all know relationships require effort, energy, understanding and adaptablity. As couples we can learn and grow together, however sometimes things can come up that seem difficult to overcome or even understand and we can feel lost. In the heat of problems it can be hard to feel understood or listened to.

Whether it be something out in the open that is proving difficult to navigate round or if there is something wrong that you cannot put your finger on. Talking openly and listening to each other can have enormous benefits.


Types of relationship issues

Whatever the reason, couples counselling can provide you with the opportunity to work upon your relationship to overcome the problems that are troubling you.

I can help with you a wide range of relationship issues, including:

Affairs, Betrayal
Has it been fully resolved? Have the issues that lead to it been fully understood and resolved? Can it be forgiven? Have the boundaries changed, were they broken?

Changes in circumstances
Sometimes big changes in life like having children, changing jobs, moving home, or changes in roles can leave little room or time for both partners to adjust. Taking time out to talk and listen can really help.

Lack of trust
Do one, or both of you not trust the other? Nagging doubts can lead to deeper problems within ourselves as individuals and in the relationship.

Not feeling listened to or respected
We can stay for years in relationships that are damaging for us. We may feel that things may change soon, or we may feel we have to stay because we have commitments, children for example. Feeling trapped is a damaging feeling. Being able to speak and feel heard within the calm space created within therapy can offer a solution for you.

Unresolved issues from the past
Quite often things happen that are not fully resolved, they can lay hidden in our minds changing things between us and untill they are looked at and worked through they do not just go away.

Other issues
Apart from the above mentioned I can also help with other issues, such as:

✓ Communication problems
✓ Cultural differences
✓ Fear of abandonment
✓ Insecurity and jealousy
✓ Separation and divorce

A happier relationship

I offer you space, time and reflections in order to help you see things clearly. Together we will find out what needs to change so you both can feel your needs are being met, and that you are able to give and receive equally to enable a happier relationship.

Are you experiencing relationship issues with your partner? Send me a message to find out more.

Paul Smith
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